The Mathematics of Anacoustic Reason.2006. Print containing images, text and mathematical symbols arranged in the form of an equation.Gallery Pic
The Mathematics of Anacoustic Reason is an aphoristic 'image-text' work that condenses Raqs Media Collective's continuing concern with the relationship between power, speech and silence. Anacoustic Reason, from 'anacoustia', a condition in which a sound signal cannot be received, is a concept explored in other works as well, such as the installation titled The Measure of Anacoustic Reason'. For Raqs, anacoustic reason refers to a form of reasoning that insulates itself from listening, even to its own inability to listen.Gallery Pic
Raqs sees anacoustic reason acting through ‘turning a deaf ear’: the unwillingness or inability to listen to the voices that refuse to be accommodated into the master narratives of progress, of instrumental reason and the domestication of space through the geomancy of corporations and nation-states. Democracy can then be seen as a battle between 'acoustic' and 'anacoustic' modes of the relationship between power, speech and silence.Gallery Pic
"The Mathematics of Anacoustic Reason" elaborates on this concept by expressing an equation written primarily in the formal language of mathematics layered with images and a brief accompanying text. The equation attempts to condense an articulation of the relationships between silence, disquiet, power and the actions of the multitude with a view to yielding a measure of understanding about who or what gets a hearing in the world.Gallery Pic
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